Thursday, January 17, 2013

Howdy (I always wanted to say that)

Hi. Read the description on the left to know about me and well, me! All I wanted to say is that you ought to follow me now. Or else this will just be another one of those empty places, where I just try to fill them in, but they don't really matter or mean anything. As you may know, I am sixteen. ALMOST seventeen. I like good movies, bad movies, romantic movies (you will soon come to find that I am a very romantic person- a hopeless romantic as they say) books, shopping and gossip. Oh and I like to take pictures, photography was one of my interests, but since I only have two lenses, and my surrounding area (Vietnam) is hard to photograph- I lost it. I lost the fascination, the thrill of getting that perfect picture, that balance on a small square area. Perhaps I will restore this passion as I do this. I hope I do.

But for now, THIS IS MY OOTD (outfit of the day). I must explain myself... Normally I would classify my style as "preppy" as my friends like to call it. I like collar shirts, jeans, belts and elegant shoes. However, now I think I am going through a lazy phase, I go out looking like I'm just going grocery shopping- you know? Uggs, pair of skinny jeans, a simple T-shirt and a hoodie. That is currently my lazy mode, my lazy style. Here you go, I was late for school (so much work to do, not enough time) so I practically grabbed random Abercrombie pieces out of my closet (because I love A&F) and put them on. Found the most universal shoes in the world: Converse and because Converse goes well with everything, I thought today- EH, WHY NOT. 

A&F Detail

 skinny jeans and my casual converse- lazy indeed... 

Little details on my tee, to make it more complex I guess. 

My legs are not that far apart and they are not long- for this effect shown here I must thank my jeans. My smile looks awkward. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I will prepare better for the 10 second shot ;)

Abercormbie and Fitch jacket- dark navy color
A&F tee- light pink with detail letters
Skinny jeans- light blue with highlights- Zara
Shoes- Converse 
Accessories: NONE

I love winter. It's all about sweaters, scarfs, boots and jeans. Skirts and tights. But I am just not in a mood! I need to be in a mood to give some though into what I wear. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can be more motivated? Do you also go trough that boring and lazy phase? 

That would be all for today. Maybe I will tell you something about my day and the people I meet and the things I do at school. WE still have tomorrow. Now I'm off to study for my math mid-term... ugh.



  1. You made me laugh! Love your profile. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Cheers xo

  2. You are so cute! I love your smile :D
    Britney :D


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