Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sunshine And The Flow

Whut whut! 

Oh My God. It's so nice and sunny. It's not too hot, and not too cold either. Vietnam has its' perks. It sure does. In case you're wondering I failed my math exam- I got a B. A low B. Completely unacceptable. Hopefully I will do better on paper 1 with no calculator. I am. Disappointed once again. But enough wining. Today I picked up my over sized sweater and my flowy shorts. And that is why the title includes the flow, because my clothes look loose and flowy indeed. And most importantly, I got my glasses. YAY. Tom Ford you are amazing, why? Well I spent over 2 hours in the shop... my face shape is impossible. I just don't suit glasses. But I love these! My hipster glasses yay! I won't wear them to school though. I still think I look better without. What do you guys think? 

Here it is baby cakes: 


Tucked in. 

And tucked out. 

Rings. And Rings. 

"No sweater, today it sure seems like it's summer" Global warming:  "SIKE!!"

I have to stop snacking on junk. This is not junk, this is GOLDEN <3 Carrots baby.

Outfit Details:

Crop top- Top shop
Sweater- N Hollywood 
Shorts- Top Shop
Shoes- Gino Rossi
Tights- Gata
Rings- MANGO and ALDO 
Glasses- Tom Ford 
Necklace- Tiffany and Co. + Accessorize + Rosary 

Well, that is it for today. I am exhausted. Also, I chose Economics as my extended essay, I will look into the market structure in the hotel industry in Vietnam. I chose it over English because it is way more interesting and I don't think I can get an A for an English essay, so. Eh. Might as well.


Oh and here are some extras from my boring Psychology class with my lovely friend and fellow blogger: Linnie Tam


  1. Love the outfit, and how you regularly post!
    Katie xx


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