Friday, February 1, 2013

Chill Friday

Hi my lovelies!  
Song of the day- Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap 

Holy shit balls! I am so happy, I don't know. I just have a nice plan for tomorrow, go for some shisha with my friend Michelle <3 And I hope my fellow blogger Linnie Tam will tag along :) 
I am just, over with all my stress and sleepless nights (for a while). The past two weeks have been very hard on me, I literally had no time to even take a breath and relax. I always thought of ah, the test, the assignment, the worksheet. JESUS. FUCKING. CHRIST. But today, you know I'm just going to eat my cream cheese, chill in my bed, watch Perks of being a wallflower and new episodes that came out earlier this week. Catch up with my sister and skype with her for a bit. AHHH, it feels like my life has been killed and I've just awakened from a coma! Love this feeling- you know, the GOD DAMN WEEKEND. And soon enough (AKA next week) I have the Chinese New Year! And since I'm half Vietnamese, I'm GONNA GET SOME CASHHHH :) And go shopping and LIVE. Moahaha, I have some great plans coming up. I think I am going to Dubai for the holiday, yayaya, excited. Also for summer holidays I'm going to New York with  my sister, and then to London and walk around and have fun with hot Brits! It's nice, to have something to look forward to, it's nice. WELL. HERE IS A THROWBACK from a long time ago, summer and etc, I won't post an outfit today so I'll leave you with this. 

Summer 2012- Poland- With my baby Natalia 

Picnic with my lovely friends, summer was so beautiful. 

 The best picture of my sister and my little brother <3 Cuties. 

July- 2012-Oxford Study Course Summer School <3 Miss you guys!  

Vitamin water, why u no in Vietnam! :( 

Daddy's Rolex - One day, this baby will be mine. 

October Break- Singapore Trip <3  


My tights ripped. Kinda look like a hobo, but hey- I WAS AT THE UNIVERSAL STUDIO <3 

Good times. I love to travel, I think it is one of the best things one can experience.  Of course looking back at the pictures, all the memories come back to me, and now I've learnt in TOK, that even though we think the past experiences were totally AWESOME and we look very happy in the pictures and what not, in reality, it kinda sucked at the time. But, hey, memory plays tricks on us all. I still find this great and every time I look back at it, I don't regret a single thing. 

Alright. I'm off to watch mah movieeee <3

Happy B.  


  1. Nice photos! :D

    xx MJ

  2. Lovely photos x

  3. Girl you definitely need to de-stress and relax:)! Btw, I LOVED Perks of being a wallflower! Such a touching movie!

    1. I knoww! I feel like I'm trapped in this IB cage :( can't wait to graduate. And yessss, I am in love with logan lerman <3 such a sweetie.

  4. Love your pics!
    You seem to be having soo much fun!!

    1. Thanks love! I HAD fun. before exams came, before school came. :(

  5. you are sooo gorgeous =D and that food picture looks so delicious! It's making me hungry =D I'm your newest follower via google (28) and bloglovin. I'd love it if you could check out my blog and maybe follow back?

    Twitter: Sensiblestylist

    1. Thank you honey ! I will definitely follow back <3

  6. yummmmmm dyingggg xx Domenic


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