Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Love. Love Friday.

This Friday, is truly- a relief. 

I had a chemistry lab, english essay, economics internal assessment, french assessment and on top of all that, all notes and note sheets for psychology ALL DUE ON Thursday and Friday. DO NOT get me started on how much SHIT I had to go through to finish it on time and submit something of good quality. CHEMISTRY- anybody out there taking HL in IB. It is, indeed, very hard to NOT be completely suicidal. It's like math, but with science. HOW AMAZING! 
Enough about school. I must apologize because today I created a similar outfit to what you can see below. This is because the amazing shorts, are just borrowed. And unfortunately I have to give them back to Ann (<3). So. I wanted to show off what outfits I can create while I have them. Also, tonight there is a party to WHICH I UNFORTUNATELY cannot attend to. I hope it sucks. Because I don't like to miss out on great fun. 

Oh and Today was cold, so I added a sweater. That I love. Yeah. Winter sweater with summer shorts. Doesn't look that bad eh? 

Just look at these shorts. They're beautiful. I WILL MISS THEM <3 

Accessories, rings, metallic. 

Outfit Details: 
Shorts- Top Shop (ANN)
Shirt- Top Shop
Tights- Gata
Sweater- N Hollywood 
Shoes- Converse 

Small Accesories: 
Blue ring with round crystal- Swarovski 
Blue crystal ring with golden frame- Grandma's
Golden Shell ring- ALDO 
Rosary- Inherited from Linnie

I am surely feelin the blue ;) 

This is all .I am now going to watch my favorite series AKA: Modern Family, Vampire Diaries, Cougar Town and Castle. All. Tonight. Eh. I'm tired! I HAD LITERALLY 9 hours of sleep, for the past 3 DAYS! IN TOTAL! Damn you high school. Enjoy your weekend. At least we get weekends <3 



  1. Great! Love this! Keep it up!

    xx Domenic

  2. Great blog!!

    Wondering if you would like to follow each other? :)
    Please let me know!

  3. I would say TGIF, but it's been half term for me this week, so no school yay! Great outfit, you look amazing!
    Katie xx

  4. School is stressing me out too, especially with all of my term papers. :( I love this look and your accessories.


  5. i love your shorts indeed! Also, the entire outfit


  6. Oh my goodness girl! You need to catch up on some sleep! Sorry to hear about your crazy week! Love those shorts and how you styled them with the sweater, tights, and converse:)!


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