Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi All! If you are Asian, or half of if you give a shit about the Lunar New Year, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU MY DARLING. Let's hope it doesn't suck as much as last year did. But that is all up to you, only you can make this better. So. I must apologize for not updating, for a while... that is because I'm on holiday and I've been super busy laying on the beach. WITH MY DAD- you know what im sayin. So I can't exactly take posing pictures of myself with him around. Thankfully, today he let me sleep longer (till 8 -_- Asians) and I had some time to take pictures of my lovely summer outfit. The weather in Mui Ne (near Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam) is lovely. The sea is nice and clean and the sound of the waves soothing and relaxing. I STILL worry though, about my chemistry lab and psychology shit I have to do. Omg. Why is this break only one week long. Too short. Way too short. So the resort- Sea links city, is swell. It is beautiful. The only thing is, it's just good to look at, you can't really do anything besides, sitting in a chair and taking pictures, and reading a book (The fault in our starts by John Green- AMAZEBALLS- this book makes me wanna have cancer and a boyfriend with one leg, seriously). So I do travel with my dad in our rented car and we walk around and eat sea food and mah gawd- that shit is cray good. I just can't wait to show you guys. I wish there was more shopping, but daddy promised we'd stop by at HCMC to get some shopping done. Ahh, loife. Oh and, THERE ARE NO HOT GUYS. WHATSUEVER. This place is FILLED with old Russians. Gawd. I hate old people. JOKES. So yeah. I also went to a bonfire, on Friday, so a few days ago. Damn. It was bad. But then we went out to town, and there was this cute photographer who kept taking pictures of me. And I DID NOT MIND. But I can't find those pictures anymore. Dammit. If I do I will post them and show you guys! Well that's it for now. I will go off to the beach to take some more inspirational pictures and go take a bicycle and try not to get killed. 


Funny story, I wanted to take pictures of the sunset. It didn't set where I was sitting at. DAMMIT. Maybe today. 

Awks. No time to edit. Sorry baby cakes. 

 LOVE THE SHORTS. Thank you ann <3 I will definitely return them.... TOTES. 

Love the way the light hits the surface of the pond. I found it beautiful. 

Mah House! 

They have golfing. But I suck. I just like to ride around in those carts. 


Told yah the sun didn't exactly, show up. Setting. DAMMIT. 

Probably Posted too many pictures... 
Eh. Well. 
Outfit Detaaailsss:

Shorts: Top Shop (Ann) 
Shoes- Top Shop 
Shirt- Random Viet shop 
Camera: Canon 600D
Lens: EFS 18-55mm

That's it for today. Off to go biking. 



  1. All of your pictures are beautiful!


  2. cute and simple. Nice shoes!

    Happy valentines.

    xx Domenic

    1. Thank you domenic :) Unfortunately valentines is always depressing for me...

  3. urgh. the photo of your whole body and face until your shoes. soooo hot. stop seriously. make that your profile picture. FUCK YOU GET FATTER.

    1. STAHP. ITS UGLY :) HAHA <3 thank you baby

  4. Beautiful pictures, love your shoes! :D

    xx MJ

  5. Lovely outfit!! And we wish you a very very happy new year!!!!!

  6. Really beautiful pictures, that house is amazing! I've never been to Mui Ne before but will definitely have to make it a stop on my next Vietnam trip!



    ps. following you via bloglovin. i wanted to follow on GFC too but your gadget isn't working!

    1. I KNOW! I am so frustrated I have tried to fix it but nothing works :(

  7. Hi there, you have such great photographic eye, these photos are fantastic. What a beautiful location, adorable outfit!

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    Have a nice weekend.
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    1. thanks love!
      I will check yours out soon! :)

  9. happy new year!! I love the outfit, it is very simply and shows off your natural beauty.

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  10. Really beautiful pictures!!



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