Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valent- FUCK YOU TOO!

Valentine’s day 
The most romantic! Lovely day of all!


I absolutely hate valentine's day. I know it's Sunday, pretty late for this. BUT I WAS JUST SOO BUSY receiving all my love letters and all you know what I'm sayin ;) LIKE. I WAS FLOODED WITH FLOWERS AND LOVE from all my secret admirers. 
(If you do not happen to know, I AM INDEED BEING SARCASTIC) Let me just say, that this is not Christmas! This is not Thanksgiving! It's a random day for sorry ass people who "are in love". No. I ain't bitter. This is true, there is absolutely NO POINT. In this. What do you do? EAT HEART SHAPED CHOCOLATES? WHATA USELESS PIECE OF SHIT. At least, when you make it a national, worldwide known day, might as well make it useful. HELP improve our society. I always hated V day. And I will always hate THE V DAY. Now. On another note, I had some problems with my blog, AKA my GFC was broken... I couldn't even log in. All that crap. BUT HEY. Now it all works swell :) And I have some nice pictures to share with you, some fashion and some sandy beaches too! 

I hate you all.
Song of the day: Put Your Records On- Corinne Bailey Rae. Mhm. She's gawt some soul. 

Today was quite cold. And dark. So I added my fav scarf.  

Couldn't fit mah damn face in the shot.  

JOHN GREEN <3 Why are you such a genius! I finally finished my all time favorite book. I am going for Looking For Alaska and Paper Towns soon. Mother of God. I cried and laughed trough this book. And I usually never cry in books. And the writing is so nice. "The universe just wants to be noticed" "Heroes are not people who do amazing things, they are the ones who notice" Just a beautiful story, of love and tragedy, beautiful. 

 Outfit Details! 

Top- Zara
Skirt/Tank top- Atlantic 
Tights- Gata
Shoes- Tracy's 
Scarf- Burberry 
Camera: 18-55mm EFs lens, Canon 600D (soon I will get myself the EF 24mm <3 Soon) 

That is all lovelies. 
Hope you like my photography! Something I haven't done in a while and finally got back. 



  1. Love your outfit, that book is amazing, really sad though.

    xx MJ

    1. I know it's so sad! :( But i love it.
      thank you :)

  2. Amazing outfit, and great photos!
    Katie xx

  3. You look like a sexy librarian!

    xo Ashley


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