Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sho sho shopping

Today is shopping Sunday!!

So if you are Asian. You know that for the New Year random people give out money in little red envelops. Well. I got that money, about $1000 and so, now, IT'S TIME TO SPEND IT. Well not all of it. I saved up some. I realized that I always waste money, I buy unnecessary things that I don't need,  some particularly pretty cute things that, I REALLY don't need. And so, my dad bought me a small porcelain pig, a piggybank. To put money inside and save up! I love it, it's cute and I actually managed to put some money in. Like $300 or something. SO! Next year this time, I will break it, and buy some more things. But that's yet to come. Today I went for a quick shopping session, legit, it was like 2 hours. I walked around, KNOWING exactly what I wanted. 
Here are some pictures I snapped, a haul, or whatever you'd like to call it! 

First, I went to MANGO to get some cool, casual, basic tops: While collar top, love it, it looks preppy and I really needed a new one. 
The small bag next to it? Accessorize, I wanted to get one for over 2 months. 
Ever since my last one broke. 

I think it looks nice and it definitely was cheaper than it looks! Something around $50. 

NEXT: VERY EXCITING. I got my very first pair of VANS! I know, you may think, what... that girl be cray. Everybody has vans. Well I was always more of a converse lover. But I must say, walking into that shop, seeing those. I JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM.

I originally disliked white converse, I thought they look awkward on me. But I think I kinda like them! And I will wear them in the upcoming OOTDs :) 

Casual white v-neck shirt. Everybody needs one in their closet. Just because. 
That's from NAF NAF. 

MANGO cardi. I love it because of the buttons and the black bottom. It looks preppy- just for me!

Wanted to get a striped shirt for ages. Never really got the chance to buy one as I always find something better. But, today I just had to! MANGO. 

My new piggybank. HEHE. 

LOVE THOSE CUTE LITTLE EARRINGS DON'T YOU? It's all about the mustache. 

God dammit. This ring, is beautiful. I just love it. Loveeeee it. 

LOOK! IT'S gorgeous. I walked into the accessorize shop and I just, grabbed it, 
and bought it straight away. I am a bit of a shopaholic. I know. 

Finally, this is my desk! I thought I'd share it with you guys, this basically has everything I use everyday. Books, earrings, pictures (mostly of me because I love myself) jokes, I put them up to see how puberty changes people. And trust me... it does. 

That's all! I will post my new outfit with mah new clothes soon :) 
That's because I love to wear all my new things, like I just can't put them in my closet and leave them there! I always wear them. All at once sometimes. 
I'm weird I know, but that's perhaps because I never try things on in a shop, I just buy it.
Then at home, I try it on, that's because while I shop, I can't be bothered to go to the changing room and put things on and off and on and off. It tires me. I like to grab things and JUST BUY THEM :) 

See you all very soon! (probably after my math test...)



  1. cool blog girlie, let's follow each other! xx

  2. Omg i love the bag and the ring! Very cute <3

  3. Great haul! Love the bag in the first photo, especially, and the lovely ring! :)


  4. Love the white bag!!!

    Nat :)


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