Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Long time no see lover-

I’ve been bad 

(no double meaning intended) 

Really bad at this. I left you all, my lovely readers for a long time. Seems as though its been ages, but really I only left for a few months. My apologies, I was truly busy and well- I forgot my password, I couldn’t really log in anymore. Ah, so much has happened, I cannot possibly catch up and write it all out. I have some new exciting (for me at least) outfits for you! Just you wait for me to come back to Vietnam to my amazing camera and light on the balcony. I will post more, no worries.

Well, I just got back from the UK, spent the most amazing 4 days of my life (no joke) with my lovely sister. I loved every second of it, and I have realized many things. I have also discovered new songs and met new people, so I’m really excited about that! Can’t wait to live there next year (please let me go to a good university). I’m now in Poland with my family, trying to relax and finish up my internal assessments for IB. Can’t get myself to do anything productive to be honest, it really is a pain now in this hot weather and in the sun. Here are some fun photos from my holiday, I would love to share more and tell you everything, but it would never stop!

Please forgive me for my absence, going MIA and all, that in a way brings more things to post though! THERE IS always a silver lining- always.

Well I'll leave you to it! See you soon lovelies (10th August that is) - UGH, I don't want summer to end! What am I doing with my life. 

Short list of main points of summer that were awesome: 

1- Got funny drunk on top of a mountain
2-Went to an all night movie marathon 
3-Found the best shisha place in the world
4-Walked around London for the whole day with best people in the world
5-Spent the best night of my life with my sistaaah
6-Saw the new monsters inc movie (hah!)
7-Went shopping
8-Major Lazer is the best 
9-Going off topic
10-I chose life! (only for those who have watched trainspotting) 

YES. WE ARE RELATED. SHE'S super hot. I know. 


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