Monday, August 19, 2013

Flowers in my hair

I have flowers in my hair, you should love me forever then.
To sum up my day today- nothing extraordinary, school life has become a sort of habit, seeing the same people has become a part of that daily routine too. What can I say, there is not much to it! I dropped Chemistry HL! YAY for me! I actually managed to say to myself: OI, YOU SUCK. STOP THIS. GG (good game). So, therefore, I hope now I can focus on my main higher levels and nail it and have a successful future, because I strive for that. Now- with the boring school day I have realized how quickly time passes, it's the second week of school and it feels like I never left! As though summer had never happened, ugh, this feeling is truly painful, and when I reach back to the past, it is so damn hard for me to truly relive the happiest moments of my life. Why is everything so unsatisfying?! I just want the big party to happen, and I want to go ice skating and do fun things. Not just think of fun things to do, you know what I mean?  Well, that's it for my personal note. Here is my casual and simple outfit ;) Hope you guys like it!
OH- and of course, yesterday my friend told me where she bought her platform shoes (thank you My <3) And I went out to look for that small little boutique (took me ages), and I FOUND IT! IT'S the cutest shop ever! And that's where I got my creepers for just 355 000 VND= something like 30 USD?
I love the flower band in my hair <3
5cm platforms baby! I am so tall and I love it! Look how cute they are, by far my best purchase.






In all honesty, it was SO HARD to take a photo like this, as I fell backwards after 1 second... #nofitness



I just love how small they look, usually my feet look huge! And they look well with this simple dress.
Dress: Topshop
Creepers: Chillout Village
This moody and rainy weather: listen to We Are by Joy Williams

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Floral

Hi there- it's a Saturday, and I'm ALL ALONE
So today- I am going to finish my extended essay, once and for all. I am going to buy a new wardrobe for my room, because the other one broke (the shelves fell out) LITERALLY. So, while I go for a stylish furniture hunt, you can check out my new look today! Exciting stuff!
Listen to: Get Free- Major Lazer
 No makeup. Couldn't be bothered today.




 Look at mah heels baby!

Outfit Details
Le dress/rompers- Pull&Bear
Le heels- Bandura
Le Bag- Top Shop
That's it for my lazy outfit. I promise I will come up with something much more exciting next time, I would also recommend with this outfit, a small denim jacket! SO CUTE.
See you soon,

Friday, August 16, 2013


Mes chéris,

Hah, okay- that's enough French for today, I am still reading books for elementary kids and watching Bambi with English subtitles, you can't expect much from me at this stage... Having said that, let me share something with you. I consider this little blog a blank page. Each day I get to write or re-write whatever I want. I can paste colorful or pale photos to represent simple ideas and concepts. Some are very simple and thoughtless, some are purely focused on clothing and fashion, and then there is this one rather weird section of random photos that I like to take. Just for fun. Procrastination- they say it is the "number one reason for IB students to fail the programme". I do it all the time, I'm just that awesome. However, I have a plan, and a goal. 

I am going to get healthy and lose a couple of pounds (us girls always want to, even though we don't have a particular reason, it just has to happen!). I am going to work hard, and play hard. Most of all, I am going to conquer IB and get into King's University or Royal Holloway in the UK because I want to. I will blow all your brains out with my 2:2 certificate and get the best marketing job ever. I am going to gain independence, and walk confidently across the tough ground of the Earth. I am going to succeed. 

Now- for any of you out there who are laughing right now, or think "damn- this girl has got it all figured out". Trust me. I don't. But I know now, that it is all about the mindset. It's all about attitude. SO LET ME HAVE THIS ALRIGHT- I can do this!

Okay, that was so deep, I'm drowning! 

Here is the fun part, you get to examine my face carefully and notice how retarded a mix between Poland and Vietnam looks like. 
Also- read the subtitle with a really FRRRRENCH ACCENT. It makes everything sound so DAMN HOT. WHY WASN'T I BORN FRENCH?! WHY?

Ici- c'est moi et mon petit frère. 

Et ça, c'est moi, j'aime de la lumière.

Essayer de comprendre ce que c'est

C'est tout pour aujourd'hui. 

I swear I did not use google translate. JE JURE! 



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

School's Back- Definitely NOT Excited

Oh God- I'm a senior!
Yes, grade 12- THE OLDEST. Yet, I feel like I am stuck in an endless maze, looking for a way out. Basically, my grade is the same, there is nobody new, all the same people, pretty much the same teachers, pretty much the same thing. All. Over. Again. But this time- for the last year. I will leave to university (GOD PLEASE KING'S COLLEGE UK <3) and have my own life and make some more friends and have a great independent life. But, now, when I am supposed to seize the day and truly enjoy high school I am just stressed and BORED of it all. I want this year to be good, I really do. I want to make memories that I will carry for the rest of my life, I still have time to fool around and sit in my parent's house and chill. But soon I will live on my own terms and have my own place. I will be an adult, next year, now I'm still a teenager. So, for fuck's sake, why are people so plain? I do love my friends, don't get me wrong, it was nice seeing them after summer. But I need someone new and fresh to come, so I can occupy the boring day with meeting them and getting to know them. And this year there is no such thing. So I'm quite sad about that.
On another note, today was also a very useless day, nothing happened and stupid "get to know each other" actives make me want to puke.  Obviously that'd be nice with people who I DON'T KNOW. Anyway, just stupid. I don't feel like anything today, I have the Extended Essay to complete and work for French and English. Ugh. HAMLET. There are VERY few people who actually understand Shakespeare... If any at all.
Super hot. I love rompers, makes me feel like I don't have anything on ;) HAH

I love how expensive my bag looks, but in reality it's just Charles and Keith (75 bucks yo!)

Remember when I was pale like a wall- I TANNED <3


(The back shows my bra, and Phong wanted to undo it a couple of times.
Warning- don't wear a bra with this)

AHH- I cut my hair... I had really bad split ends and the layers were so uneven, I had to.

Rompers- ZARA
Rings- silver small one for the toe (I cheated), Accessorize, grandma
That's it really, simple, summery and comfortable. In other words- nobody to impress.
For those that still have summer- enjoy it. And wish me luck this senior year!