Friday, August 16, 2013


Mes chéris,

Hah, okay- that's enough French for today, I am still reading books for elementary kids and watching Bambi with English subtitles, you can't expect much from me at this stage... Having said that, let me share something with you. I consider this little blog a blank page. Each day I get to write or re-write whatever I want. I can paste colorful or pale photos to represent simple ideas and concepts. Some are very simple and thoughtless, some are purely focused on clothing and fashion, and then there is this one rather weird section of random photos that I like to take. Just for fun. Procrastination- they say it is the "number one reason for IB students to fail the programme". I do it all the time, I'm just that awesome. However, I have a plan, and a goal. 

I am going to get healthy and lose a couple of pounds (us girls always want to, even though we don't have a particular reason, it just has to happen!). I am going to work hard, and play hard. Most of all, I am going to conquer IB and get into King's University or Royal Holloway in the UK because I want to. I will blow all your brains out with my 2:2 certificate and get the best marketing job ever. I am going to gain independence, and walk confidently across the tough ground of the Earth. I am going to succeed. 

Now- for any of you out there who are laughing right now, or think "damn- this girl has got it all figured out". Trust me. I don't. But I know now, that it is all about the mindset. It's all about attitude. SO LET ME HAVE THIS ALRIGHT- I can do this!

Okay, that was so deep, I'm drowning! 

Here is the fun part, you get to examine my face carefully and notice how retarded a mix between Poland and Vietnam looks like. 
Also- read the subtitle with a really FRRRRENCH ACCENT. It makes everything sound so DAMN HOT. WHY WASN'T I BORN FRENCH?! WHY?

Ici- c'est moi et mon petit frère. 

Et ça, c'est moi, j'aime de la lumière.

Essayer de comprendre ce que c'est

C'est tout pour aujourd'hui. 

I swear I did not use google translate. JE JURE! 



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  1. c'est fantastique! (and that is about the limit of my french haha!)


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