Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Floral

Hi there- it's a Saturday, and I'm ALL ALONE
So today- I am going to finish my extended essay, once and for all. I am going to buy a new wardrobe for my room, because the other one broke (the shelves fell out) LITERALLY. So, while I go for a stylish furniture hunt, you can check out my new look today! Exciting stuff!
Listen to: Get Free- Major Lazer
 No makeup. Couldn't be bothered today.




 Look at mah heels baby!

Outfit Details
Le dress/rompers- Pull&Bear
Le heels- Bandura
Le Bag- Top Shop
That's it for my lazy outfit. I promise I will come up with something much more exciting next time, I would also recommend with this outfit, a small denim jacket! SO CUTE.
See you soon,

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  1. LOVE your dress/playsuit, it really suits you!
    And your shoes are beautiful! xx


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